Ajay Sharma ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

The main thing which I love about the Parmanu Defence is the cultural heritage of this academy. I enjoyed the company of different state students. Our hostel room was not just a room but was a complete One. One's you came here you will feel as much good as you are in a defence  training. After coming to the academy the biggest change I am feeling is the daily change , the change in confidence, change in thinking power and change in my attitude so I can confidently say that I am much more better than the day when I came here.

Abhishek kumar ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

Parmanu Defence is an amazing institute. It is one of its kind. One loves everything when he is here for his training. Simply It makes me feel like I am somewhere in Army campus and by coming and joining this Academy I feel I am already an Officer. Everything here is outstanding. A Salute from future of Indian Army. Long Live Parmanu Defence

Sunil Kumar (Air Force, NDA Qualified)

The thing I love about this academy is the coaching is very good, not good but excellent. Facility is excellent in this Academy. In the academy all trades are very good. The Sushil Sir & Rajesh Sir were Awesome!!!.When I came to Parmanu Defence I was an average student. When I started studying I felt so confident about my studies my basics were not so strong but just after 6 months of coaching my basics were so strong due to which I was able to selected in Airforce through NDA examination.

Nikhil (Air force X , Y Group Qualified )

I was an average student, I was feeling so worried about Defence exams and even frustrated that would I crack X & Y Group exam. But when I started studying here I felt so confident about my studies my basics were not so strong but after 1 Year of studies my basics were so strong and as a result I got selected in (Airforce X,Y Group Exam within the same year. Thanks Parmanu Defence……

Ankit Bisht ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

Its about my teachers from whom I got so much knowledge. The Mathematics class of Santosh Sir is very good & effective. Sushil sir, our physics faculty was a great deal for Parmanu Defence. English classes of Mohit Sir were also very effective. I will miss it a lot.  Chemistry class of rajesh sir was very entertaining in term of knowledge. He has the talent that how to fit subject like Chemistry in the student’s ,mind. Ankita Mam were the best teacher among the Biology Teachers. All admin staff was also very helpful. Especially Ritu Madam, Sunanda Madam were very good in nature and they always tried to help in every sort of matter.

Mohit Gupta ( Indian Navy Officer )

I made the right choice by joining the Parmanu Defence due to which I became a Navy Officer, because earlier I didn't know how to prepare myself, from where I should study but after spending one year at Parmanu Defence I was confident enough, Parmanu Defence is one of the best institutions that I had ever went. It was like my next home. I loved everything here. I enjoyed each and every activity here. I loved the Parmanu Defence facilities. They taught us with lot of affection. I did not have any doubts at the end of the class. My favorite was Mathematics class. I enjoyed Santosh Sir’s presence. In my point of view Parmanu Defence is one of the best Academy of India for NAVY Exam as well as IMU CET Exam. The faculty, the facilities, the environment, the infrastructure all is just outstanding.

Sanjeev Rawat ( TES Qualified )

Coaching at Parmanu Defence was really good. All teachers were perfect in their subject & taught well. I Got selected in army through TES Entry .Study Material given was also perfect at Parmanu Defence. The infrastructure was good & comfortable for candidates who came from different places. Hostel was good. Enough beds for everyone, space was also good, Sports facilities were available. All can play any game he can like. All sports instruments are available. Classrooms were large enough, so all students can sit comfortably. Overall more than happy to invest in Parmanu Defence.

Sahil agarwal ( NAVY(SSR & AA )Qualified

Parmanu Defence has provided me an opportunity to gain an experience I will not forget it. It has helped me to do well in my regular tests and has brought a very good change in my perception. Thank you, For such a good environment that you provided us. The infrastructure is very well maintained and facilities are even also good.I would recommend Parmanu Defence for aspiring candidates as it provides exhaustive preparation of the exam and even builds up your overall personality here.

Anjali Bisht ( MNS Qualified )

The management is quite co-operative and helpful in providing assistance to students and taken care of every problem of Girl students came across in Parmanu Defence. So I gave it five stars. The atmosphere here is very good and behavior is very friendly. Got Great Education as compared to my old knowledge I have learnt a lot here, which helped me in clearing MNS exam.

MANOJ KUMAR ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

The best thing I love Parmanu Defence is hard working classes, All staff in this academy is very good. They teach very well and in understanding manner. All facilities are present. Sports facilities are also very good. So many games are here anything we want to play. The Main Points I like about this academy is that all staff members motivated students a lot. Best thing I learn “A Parmanu Defence does not lie, cheat or steal or tolerate those who do”. This line I do not forget in my life. Honestly the academy is best in the world. And I am very happy that I got this opportunity to study here.


Rajesh Sir and Sushil sir inspired all the students for his motivational speech. Yes, I think Parmanu Defence was right choice for NDA and Air force coaching. I loved all the facilities of the Parmanu Defence, specially the teaching staff. They provided all the facilities to u


 I love the surroundings and environment that they have created for us so that we can feel comfortable living far our home. Also I like the management of this academy and all the admins are very co-operative. I learned here that how to live in discipline which is essential for an officer’s life. All my doubts regarding every exam of UPSC were cleared .Here, everything is perfect and they treated us like we are living in our own house. Hostel facility is too good and good fresh. Tasty and healthy food is provided here and with huge grounds where we can play all types of games and a good air conditioned class rooms are provided with 24 hours study facility.


Parmanu Defence creates love for it by providing all the best facilities which are required for the coaching for NAVY &NDA Exams.  Appropriate notes, data, synopsis are provided for the best of the students for their next Examinations. After coaching at Parmanu Defence I felt energized for the NAVY & NDA written exam as the teachings was excellent. Infrastructure is also one of the basic needs at any coaching institute and Parmanu Defence provides that facility sufficiently. Excellent conditions of of class rooms, playgrounds are there. Though not a hostler but seen the hostels which are also very nice ones. The surroundings are also neat and clean with greenery all around providing positively to the mind and soul.

RAJEEV KUMAR ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

 The teachings, study tips provided by the teachers of Parmanu Defence made every subject understandable and such great teachings have pushed me up for my examinations; I took right decision to join Parmanu Defence. The thing which I loved about is the guidance they provided us for our particular course and the fast action taken by the administration to improve the facilities or any other problem faced by the students.


Infrastructure is good & lecture hall is well maintained, cleaned, air conditioned of full silence and good for studies. A good amount of material related to defence along with broad and bright pictures are there on the walls to encourage the students that what they are preparing for. No such hidden things are kept for them. I would recommend other students to join this institute to gain knowledge in this academy.


The thing in Parmanu Defence I love is the facilities provided to the candidates and every candidate gets time to study of its own choice. I have a great experience at Parmanu Defence. My feeling after completing coaching in Parmanu Defence is just awesome and just one thing to say that I am better then what I was before coming to Parmanu Defence.


Parmanu Defence has a good infrastructure. Hostel facilities are very good. Especially I can say that sports facilities are excellent. Every candidate gets time to play the sport of its own choice. Environment and surrounding is just like home. I think Parmanu Defence is the best place for any candidate who wants to join the armed forces. So I will surely recommend aspiring candidates. The staff, teachers, hostel facilities & food all these I love about Parmanu Defence.

Mohd.Anas ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

The academy infrastructure is good hostel is full of facilities like fans proper bed almirah etc. Mess is like we eat food in our home. Grounds are good, we all played there after our classes, we play different types of games like football, cricket, volleyball, table tennis etc. The classroom is nicely decorated with thought of big persons army etc. There are A.C & fans also available in classrooms. This is made in a very peaceful place. The environment is good.

Vijay Garg ( Airforce, NDA Qualified )

I love academy guidance, motivation by Rajesh Sir, sports facilities and very good administration. I also like the library facility given to the students. The best thing about Parmanu Defence is an overall personality development. I feel very confident about my personality. It is a great experience to stay with students from even extreme parts of India. I learned how to interact with others, be confident about myself. I was very poor in humanities & current affairs, but now both of these subjects are good to me.


I think the infrastructure is very good. Hostels, classrooms, mess and sports grounds are great. I think it’s a great step to provide a study hall for self study at evening, I really liked it. Mess is also very good. Everything here is lovable. Starting from the food of mess to teaching. Hostels are one of the best places and the environment created by nature and by the follow aspirants are motivating. Loves the enthusiastic nature of Sushil Sir. Food was excellent and teachers were very friendly.

Sanjay Saini ( IMU CET Qualified )

Academy infrastructure, hostel, mess, grounds, sports facilities, classrooms, environment and surroundings are made up of in very good manner. I recommend all students who want to prepare for defence and who wants to learn about NAVY, IMU CET exam. they must try Parmanu Defence. Once again thanks to respected Sushil & Rajesh Sir.


 I love Parmanu Defence as it’s the most important part of my life I am very proud that I had come to this academy. This academy provides a very well atmosphere and great faculty for studies. I loved here is the most is co-operate from all people of Parmanu Defence. It is a pleasure of being part of Parmanu Defence.

VIHAAN GUPTA ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

I learnt many things in this academy. I know how to prepare for exams and other experiences. After taking coaching in Parmanu Defence for 1 year I was confident to clear my exam. This academy is a very good place to live in and provides every study material which are required. we can go to any teacher if we have any problem. The facilities in this academy are very good.

SANJANA ( MNS Exam Qualified )

Being a part of Parmanu Defence is like achieving our’s dreams. This academy have not only good facilities and faculty for studies, but academy is also home of various sports activities taking place.This academy provides a very good atmosphere also this academy has best and huge green playgrounds where the students are playing the games.

Jitin kumar ( NDA & SSB Qualified )

Besides all the inspiring and good activities at Parmanu Defence I think that I have improved a lot in my academics and got good confidence for my exam. I was preparing for NDA Exam. I think I made good choice of joining Parmanu Defence This academy is a heaven for Defence studies. I love Parmanu Defence. Parmanu Defence provides a very good atmosphere. I would suggest all students to join Parmanu Defence who want to prepare for Defence exam.

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