Parmanu defence – Conducted Seminar on “How is the Josh” related to army ,Air force and Navy Field .in this .Mr. Prakash Bhatt inaugurated the second edition of the Seminar at Parmanu defence , in a glorious opening ceremony in the Activity Centre on the 15th of October. Parmanu defence Director, also spoke at the event, drawing attention to the pressing need for India to begin investing more in indigenous research and development for Army in order to become more self-sufficient entity. The Students were educated about all three Indian armed forces –Indian army , Indian Air force and Indian navy by Mr.Praksh Bhatt ,a Renowned academician in the field of Army. He urged the students to join Indian forces .he informed the audience about salient features of the army .He spoke about the challenging life ,professionalism, unit ethos, secularism and other aspect of the army, Students interacted With Mr.Prakash Bhatt and asked questions related to different branches of the army forces.

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